08-21 WRX/STi Handbrake Boot

  • $125.00
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Upgrade your stock handbrake boot with our authentic Alcantara, or genuine leather replacement. Our pre-wrapped option comes with a new handbrake boot that has already been mounted/glued on an OEM plastic trim.

You may also purchase just the boot itself and glue onto your own bracket. It can be a rather difficult install and if a proper high-heat contact adhesive is not used, it may unglue itself. 3M Spray 90, or Dap HHR Weldwood woudl be a glue minimum. 

All boots are made to order. Please allow up to 3 business days for a boot-only purchase and 7-10 days for a pre-wrapped option. 

If a pre wrapped option has been purchased, you may return your stock boot/trim for a $30 rufund.