Armrest Cover AP2

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At nearly a decade since production, even the cleanest AP2 interiors are starting to age and dry out. Have us freshen your armrest with an authentic Alcantara cover. Hand made with new soft padding underneath.

All armrest covers are made to order. Your order will include a new cover and foam padding.

Supplies needed for DIY installation are high-heat contact adhesive, single edge razor blade, patience, and a well ventilated, clean area.

If you are not comfortable using high-heat contact adhesive, or have patience, please send your armrest to us for a free cover installation. We prefer to install these in-house, but if you insist to install yourself, please be aware that we cannot guaranty proper adhesion and/or alignment.

Please use either DAP Weldwood HHR contact adhesive, or 3M 1357 High performance contact adhesive. DO NOT use 3m 77 or 90, it will not hold.