Automotive Alcantara

Imported directly from Milan Italy, Overland Designs is the only authorized Alcantara dealer for their automotive line. The automotive line consists of 2 versions depending on your needs. Alcantara Pannel; a stretchy suede like fabric used for wrapping interior panels. Alcantara Cover; A white scrim backed suede like fabric used for items that require stitching.

Used by virtually every luxury auto brand in Europe, Alcantara is the ultimate choice when you want the look of suede with the durability of leather. Look into any modern hypercar and decades of track cars and you are likely to find Alcantara inside. From seats and steering wheels for grip, to dashboards to reduce glare, and interior panel to reduce noise, squeaks and plain looking plastic.

– Alcantara’s silky low nap texture and special composition adds to Its durability, comfort, reliability, easy clean-up and exclusive reputation.

– Automotive Alcantara has superior lightfastness for automotive use. Colors will not fade in sunlight or shift color hue over time.

We are a US based authorized Alcantara dealer which is supplied exclusively through an authorized Alcantara distributor.

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