22+ WRX Handbrake Boot

  • ¥13,600
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Upgrade your stock handbrake boot with our authentic Alcantara, or genuine leather replacement. Pre-wrapped option comes with our handbrake boot that has already been mounted/glued on an OEM plastic trim.

You may also purchase just the boot itself and glue onto your own bracket. We will provide a glue outline on the boot for you to align your stock trim to. Please use 3M spray glue 90, Dap HHR Weldwood spray or some customers have had luck with strong double sided tape.

You can send in your stock trim after the online purchase if you feel uncomfortable about mounting it yourself. We will install it for free. Please contact us immediately after purchase to let us know you'd like to send yours in.

All boots are made to order per your specifications. Once an order has been placed it may not be cancelled.