Automotive - Pannel

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Automotive Alcantara Pannel is a single layer of material with stretch oriented along the width and bias.  The stretch in this material makes it perfect for use on headliners and wrapping compound curves.  Its thin nature also allows for easy wrapping of interior trim without clearance issues upon reassembly.
Quantity ordered is total length in yards, will not be cut in 1 yard increments. 

Our Automotive Pannel includes a Flame Retardant (FR) coating on the backside. 

Width: 56inches (142cm)
Thickness: 0.85mm w/FR Coating
Unit Weight: 285 grams per square meter
Composition: 68% polyester / 32% polyurethane / 25% FR Content

Flame retardant, complies with directive 95/28CE.

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